We provide quality painting services for:

Interior • Exterior • Residential • Light Commercial • Existing Structures • New Construction

interior painting

Interior Services


Spraying, rolling or brushing walls, ceilings, and trim. We’ll paint your floors, cabinets, and doors. Use our color matching services to get that just-right tint. We also do Specialty and design painting (faux not included).


We’ll provide repairs as necessary for cabinet door replacement, drywall repair and water or smoke damage.


From window and mirror cleaning to wall paper removal and touch-up painting, we’ll handle that for you.

exterior painting

Exterior Services


Spraying, rolling or brushing siding, trim, and gutters. We’ll spray metal building and roofs as well as stain your decks and fences (including the pasture fence). Use our color matching services to get that just-right tint.


Pressure washing in conjunction with painting (no need to hire a second contractor). Our surface preparation includes; scraping, sanding, priming, caulking, filling, and etching. 


We’ll handle deck and fence rejuvenation and staining. For failed surfaces we provide chemical or heat stripping of old coverings. And, we’ll replace exterior trim due to dry-rot.

window cleaning

Window Cleaning

LJ Custom Painting is trained and equipped to complete the last step of making your home look as beautiful as possible – washing the windows. By removing bug marks, scrubbing the glass with a sudsy mitt, and removing all moisture with a squeegee, we make your windows shine.

Our window cleaning service may be ordered for window exteriors only, or for window interiors and exteriors including cleaning screens and interior tracks.

gutter cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Overflowing gutters and clogged downspouts are a leading cause of paint failure. To protect your paint film, LJ Custom Painting is prepared to safely remove all the leaves from your gutters, downspouts and roofs.

We not only remove all debris from gutters by hand and flush them with water, but we also check your gutter spikes to make sure they are secure and reset them if they are loose. This necessary step of preventative care protects your newly applied paint and adds beauty to the completed project.